Aerial Inspection of Energy Infrastructure

We are data analytics company using drones for an automated technical inspection of overhead power lines and other energy assets. We help our clients with their mandatory inspection and prevent emergency situations.

What We Do

Detailed vision for critical decisions

Our drones collect high quality imagery data which is processed through our custom software platform applying AI, machine learning and image recognition algorithms. Thanks to that we provide our customers with precise analytics of the inspected assets and their technical condition.

Problem Recognition and Cost Saving

Mandatory asset inspection is crucial for utilities. Employees are often challenged with hard-to-access areas, heights or risky terrains. The traditional examination methods such as on-foot patrols, helicopters or industrial climbers are costly, time-consuming and often produce data of insufficient quality. Power Drone concept detects and provides accurate reports, saves operational and maintenance expenses, lowers down the emergency situations, prevents safety issues and ultimately improves service quality.


Empowering effective and precise inspections

We perform aerial inspections to collect the type of data that is most needed to meet the specific client’s demands – our drones can be equipped either with high resolution visual cameras or thermal-visual equipment that fit best the inspection needs.



Seeing the Whole Picture

Regular examination of energy assets

Emergency malfunction detection

Evaluation and mapping of grid assets


A New Level of Energy Inspections

Effective maintenance

Efficiency is the cornerstone of our operations. Our drones take a series of high-quality pictures from different angles detecting technical malfunctions and determine the precise GPS location of the assets directly fed into the GIS systems. We enable utilities to perform a predictive asset assessment, minimizing maintenance costs and service disruptions.

Faster restoration of power supply

Power Drone technology reduces significantly the time to identify the fault and restore power in case of outages compared to traditional methods. Utilities can clearly see the problem via provided imagery data or thermal-visual footage, pinpoint its location using GPS and start working on the resolution.

Significant cost reduction

Power Drone reduces utilities’ OPEX by minimizing the number of site visits by trained professionals and saving cost preventing repairs of unwanted shut-downs. Compared to conventional methods our inspections are at least two times faster and more cost-effective, leading to up to 30 % reduction of OPEX expenses for assets monitoring.

Improved assets management

Better observation (we see up to 5 times more problems compared to on-foot inspection) and timely preventive repairs of critical areas are crucial for long-term asset management. By significantly improving the quality of inspections we make sure that utilities have all the information they need to manage and operate a working energy infrastructure.

Eliminating inspection hazards

Safety first. Power Drone inspections enable the exploration of dangerous heights, high-voltage areas and hard-to-reach locations without putting employees at risk.


Detecting current and potential problems

We provide our customers with a direct access to every inspected power line in our user-friendly software platform.

Overall technical and attributive analytics

Detecting all visible technical malfunctions of the inspected structures and determining the attributive grid elements.

GPS mapping

Providing utilities with precise geodetic GPS coordinates seamlessly integrated into their GIS systems.

3D surface modeling

Displays the power lines over a 3D model of the area which allows pole elevation tracking.

Detecting high/dangerous vegetation

Marking the spots with high/dangerous vegetation around and between the electrical pylons.

Multiple imagery data

Creates a dossier containing detailed images from different angles of the inspected pylons enabling better problem recognition.

Thermal-visual observation

Captures the invisible to the naked eye power leakages thus preventing loss of energy.

Illegal structures detection

Detects out-of-regulation buildings within the power line servitude, prevents security issues and hampered access to the grid.


About Us

Our team combines successfully utility knowledge with IT & software development expertise. This allows us to provide innovative, tailor-made solutions giving tangible benefits to our clients.


Nearly 700 km. overhead power lines inspected. Visual and thermal visual inspection of wind and solar parks, underground heating pipes and railway infrastructure.